It’s The Hour Of Disruptive Learning @ Ongoing Covid19 Hour

In the Covid-Era, the learning industry is being disrupted like never before & as we navigate through the complexity and uncertainty of our current times, we feel that it is also an opportunity to re-imagine ideal forms of workplace learning.

To give you an example @ Covid19, we saw Yo-Yo Ma, a world renowned musician, started sharing his cello performances digitally. Following that, a large number of musicians started offering their performance pieces, as well as mentorship, on a pro bono basis for learners in need — from kids to adults who wanted to cultivate their music passion and find peace amid these challenging times.

‘Physical Distancing’ is the need of the hour

Why ? because ‘Physical Distancing’ is the need of the hour, and hence the organizations across sectors are entering a phase of the ‘Collaborated Distance Working Stations’ because no longer can any businesses afford to have their work force under one roof, but still businesses will continue to stand by the two pillars — effectiveness and efficiency.

Organizations across sectors are entering a phase of the ‘Collaborated Distance Working Stations

And, we at ‘Creative Consilio’ feel that organizations such as ours, which have been working with distant skilled workforce will continue to help other business because as we move toward a world that’s more accustomed to remote and distributed work, and can contribute towards ‘Distant Workplace Learning’ where organizations will have to learn how to be more collaborative and supportive towards their work force and have to be a lot less one-dimensional.

A world that’s more accustomed to remote and distributed work

Now, with technology enabling a democratized learning and sharing process, we believe that everyone can chime in and play by the rules of CDW aka ‘Collaborative Distance Working’.

Going by our experience in CDW, we believe that as we sail through the Covid-Era, we must also keep in mind that all the learnings should be seen as a process and a journey, not just a one-off episode. The nature of how our brain works is that we forget most of what we learned when businesses ran with a skilled force under one roof. So, for effective & impactful learning, the post-learning process is just as important as the first learning opportunity.

Be safe, be innovative, use lock-down to learn new ways of doing business and let’s be supportive of the CDW.